βœ… Milestone 1

1) iDispute began its evolution in 2020 while exploring ideas to create and launch a blockchain marketplace for legal documents that include legal forms, an online notarization service, and the service of process documents. A series of internal discussions and exchanging feedback with many experts in the space helped us shape the core ideas around the project; 2) Studying Binance's structure; 3) Start of development; 4) Releasing the beta website; 5) Releasing the beta mobile application for Android; 6) Obtaining community feedback and applying improvements; 7) Starting documents sales.

βœ… Milestone 2

1) Launching and growing YouTube channel, more than 900 tutorial videos created; 2) Studying online notary service; 3) Studying online mailing service; 4) Studying online disputing service; 4) Releasing online mailing service - LetterCarrier; 5) Obtaining community feedback and applying improvements; 6) Starting sales on LetterCarrier.

βœ… Milestone 3

1) Introducing iDispute Token (IDP); 2) Private-Sale.

In Milestone 3, we have made a major decision to create a large ecosystem (NFT marketplace) on Binance’s client layer. To this end and to create a powerful ecosystem, we have decided to mint iDispute tokens (IDP) to turn our community members into stakeholders in the value that iDispute creates.

Date: Q3 2022

βšͺ Milestone 4

1) IDP launchpad; 2) Airdrop 1, locking IDPs; 3) Public sale; 4) Listing in the exchanges.

Date: Q4 2022

βšͺ Milestone 5

1) Releasing NFT marketplace (Version 1.0); 2) Releasing the mobile version for iOS; 3) Releasing online notary service in the NFT marketplace; 4) Releasing mailing service in the NFT marketplace; 5) Releasing the disputing center in the NFT marketplace; 6) Releasing extension wallet; 7) Releasing desktop wallet; 8) Releasing mobile wallet; 9) Airdrop 2, locking IDPs.

Date: Q1-Q4 2023 (please subscribe for updates)

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