Misson and Values


iDispute's mission is to facilitate interaction. This has been our objective from the first day we started developing iDispute in 2020. iDispute's structure is built entirely around this goal. This interaction consists of two parts: 1) Allowing users to interact with the network and performing all operations in a user-friendly environment. 2) Allowing users to interact with Binance's applications and signature of transactions in a safe environment.

Problem and Solution


Enabling interactions in the Binance ecosystem between users and the Binance network and users with iDispute applications.


The platform allows users to buy, sell, trade, and notarize legal documents using blockchain technology and don’t worry about security and/or document authenticity. NFT marketplace establishes a layer between the network and users.

Target Market

Anyone familiar with Binance is a potential user. You can create and upload NFTs of any document, such as business law, civil litigation, criminal law, estate and probate, family law, immigration, personal injury, real estate law, training materials, business contracts, employment, health care, litigation, liens, marriage, landlord and tenant, civil rights, expert testimony, liability, child support, business plans, etc.


Useful by Design

iDispute is designed with accessibility in mind, allowing users to execute Binance's major operations in a user-friendly environment.

Secure by Default

All the data in the iDispute is encrypted and stored on your local device. Therefore, you are in complete control of your data.

Online Notary

Notarize documents using blockchain technology.

Made for Interaction

Anything you have yet gained was derived from the interaction. The structure of iDispute is designed such that one can interact with the next generation financial and legal network, i.e., Binance.

Support for Various Platforms

NFT marketplace is available to everyone on any operating system and device—browsers, smartphones, desktops.

iDispute is Your Identity

In the Binance world, iDispute is your passport, letting you interact with any Binance App you wish.

Market Research

Industry and Market Research

The bitcoin and blockchain revolution is taking the world by storm with unprecedented value and decentralization. Starting in 2008 with just ideal goals, these are still the most important objectives for removing centralized power.

NFTs are important new primitive in both ownership law and finance. These tokens added a new dimension to financial transactions and led to the discovery of new ways to do lending, transfers, and exchanges on blockchain networks.

However, before you can use the NFT option for legal disputes (an example), you need to get a software client. This is what iDispute does by providing marketplace users with an easy-to-use and user-friendly software client to use on their accounts.

No exist NFT marketplaces for the legal industry at the moment, but iDispute might be a good one to watch. iDispute may grow as its market share is directly proportionate to the growth of the Binance ecosystem: as more people learn about this and its capabilities, they effectively become active users on Binance.

Threats and Opportunities

Strength: 1) Support for desktop, mobile, and web; 2) A consistent design system was applied to all iDispute clients; 3) Enjoyable UX/UI; 4) Support for all Binance operations; 5) Dispute resolutions center; 6) Documents online notarization; 7) Trackable mailing service.

Weakness: 1) Lack of recognition in the community, but we are working hard on it; 2) Lack of widespread adoption, but we are working hard on it.

Opportunity: 1) The continuous growth of the Binance ecosystem and NFTs becoming more interested in the network; 2) With the adding legal disputes, notarization, and trackable mailing services to the NFT marketplace, a revolution will happen, and the industry will never be the same.

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